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Another way to help you save big with SupraStore. Product Description. The 1UZ sports market is rapidly growing by leaps and bounds! Kelford realizes the need for ultra high performance and quality cams. Sizing ranges from mild streetall the way to insane, full built, ITB's, high comp, race motor duration.

For added revs, you will need our shimless conversion with buckets and new valves, but at this stage you can turn the heads well past 8K rpm. If you are building a stock engine with cams, full exhaust, piggyback or stand alone ECU you can use up to the without having to go shimless, but you will need our upgraded valve-springs. Please note these only fit the early non VVTi heads.

You may also be interested in. Related Items. Contact Us Sitemap Shopping Cart. Payment Method. All rights reserved.Modifying your car can be a daunting task, what with so many products available on the market, and conflicting views about which ones are effective.

Since these units are more popular for engine swaps than they are in their native chassis, we will break with tradition this month, and focus on the engine rather than a particular model of car. There is also a 4. All the Toyota V8 motors offer amazing value for money, in a relatively bulletproof package. The later VVTi model offers slightly more power, better fuel economy, and a decent increase in mid-range torque. If you can afford the 3UZFE engine, it is the most powerful in stock form.

Is there anything we should watch out for when picking an engine? Of course lemons do exist, so talk to your engine supplier about a start-up warranty for peace of mind. If you are worried about the condition of an engine, a good tip is to remove the rocker covers and check the internal condition. A well-maintained motor that has had regular oil changes should have a nice golden colour to the inside of the rocker cover. If on the other hand the rocker cover is covered in dark black sludge, move along to the next engine!

Is there anything we should do before modifying an engine? As these powerplants are normally imported with very limited information about their service history, it is sensible to do a thorough service on the engine prior to installation.

This includes the usual suspects such as the cambelt, water pump, and cambelt idlers and tensioner. A new set of spark plugs is also a worthwhile investment. The early 1UZ-FE engines are prone to having trouble with their stock ignition leads, so it can be worth replacing these too. With any imported motor, I tend to fill it with fresh oil and a new filter prior to the initial start-up.

I then run the engine for 30 minutes or so to get everything nice and hot before doing another oil and filter change. This helps flush it, and ensures you are ready to go with good oil. Depending on exactly which engine you are modifying, you can expect a power output of around — kilowatts kW at the wheels.

3uz Itb Kit

The conservative factory tuning, coupled with a relatively restrictive airflow meter, limits power in stock form. Beyond this though, the stock log-style exhaust manifolds and the restrictive factory cylinder heads put a cap on power. Given the popularity of these engines, there are almost no limits to what can be achieved, or which direction you can go when tuning them.

We will look at three stages that should suit most budgets, and take us all the way to more than kW at the wheels. While it is possible to run these motors on the stock engine management, those aiming for decent power will want a little more tunability, and the combination of a wire-in engine management system such as the Link G4 Storm or Xtreme is the perfect match to a 1UZ-FE engine swap.

Once the rest of our modifications are complete, the Link G4 ECU will allow the tuning to be optimized to get the best power, torque, and economy out of the engine. The Storm only provides four ignition and injector outputs, hence it is a little limited when running an eight-cylinder engine. The stock log-style exhaust manifolds are manufactured with budget in mind, not flow.

Talk to a fabricator or performance exhaust specialist about fabricating a set of four-into-one headers with millimetre mm collectors. A twin 63mm exhaust, mating into a single 76mm system, will work well for most street performance applications.

This will instantly release that appealing Toyota V8 rumble, too.Forums New posts Search forums.

3uz itb kit

What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter JBrady Start date Mar 5, JBrady Moderator. Messages 1, Location Houston Texas. The GT cars look to allow 3. I don't have the specifics on manifolding or camshafts or anything else that is needed to know how they make the rated power or even if the rated power is accurate.

The power quoted is horsepower rpm and torque rpm at a 4,cc displacement. What does impress is that this is an FE engine which is Toyota's luxury engine designation and is not considered as favorable for power as the GE and GTE engines. This is due to the valve angles. The "F" engine have a narrow valve angle than that of the "G" engines. The wider angle appears to breath better and make more power. So, to have an "F" engine used in a race engine gives all of us encouragement for the naturally aspirated potentional of our engines.

This convinces me that at least in the class the power ratings are pure BS. The production engines make more power than these ratings and the Nissan rating is obviously BS. So, is the 3UZ power correct? I need to find out more about this engine. R-Jay New Member. Messages Location Sydney.

3uz On Standard ECU

All the lies are to get around the "gentleman's agreement" the manufacturers had a coupla years agoThread in ' Parts for sale ' started by StavrosNov 17, Driftworks Forum. Stavros Active Member.

As title really. All have done under miles, only been used on the road and dyno, never been on track or drag day. Full ITB, 8 throttle, throttle body kit, and when I mean full, I mean all the total pain in the ass bits the stock setups don't come with and cause a huge headache.

Modified trumpets as the stock ones are shit, too short, and face each other. These face vertically and a better length. Comes with Ramair foam filters too. Comes with the HARD to get! Comes with the fancy middle lever bit to run both banks of throttles too.

No offers as that's retarded cheap. Most kits aren't even close! This comes with the box with 1UZ bellhousing, flywheel, clutch Exedyexpensive concentric slave cylinder, brake lines, modified bellhousing and box to actually use the previous things they don't just fit like most have you thinkthe correct shims, front of propshaft, gear lever, gear knob, the whole lot.

Collection from Zurawski Motorsport in Ledbury. Modified outlet flanges to 2.

Pro Turbo Kit

Hugs the floorpan for maximum ground clearance. Two centre boxes and two rear boxes. Sounds mental. Can take more pics later this week if needed. Joined: Mar 8, Posts: 1, Likes Received: 7. PM'd Stav .Does your 3RZ engine need some more power? The best way to boost the performance of these little engines is to bolt a turbo up to it!!

LC Engineering has already done all the homework for you. By testing numerous different turbo and manifold designs we have been able to design the ultimate kit for you!! One of the issues we have seen with turbo charging a daily driven vehicle is the extreme heat the turbo makes. Normally we like to use a tubular style header to get the most performance out of your turbo kit but unfortunately the extreme temps and long loads caused by a daily driven application can actually break down a traditional "tubular" style header.

For this reason we recommend the tubular header for race or extreme applications only. This manifold has shown excellent longevity with minimal power loss over a tubular header. The main component of any turbo kit is obviously the turbo itself. The T4 inlet allows for large amounts of air to be brought into the turbo, while the T3 side allow for a quick spool up. For our low boost kits we use a TO4B S-trim, with a stage 3 turbine wheel and a.

One major issue to consider when boosting your engine is fuel management. Your stock ECU was not designed to compensate for boost, especially high levels of it. LC Engineering always recommends addressing this issue to prevent any poor performance or engine damage that can be caused by improper engine tuning.

Comparing Lexus-Toyota 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE Rods With Forged H Beam Rods

One of the best ways to fix this issue is with a stand-alone or piggy-back ecu system. LC Engineering offers the Haltech kits as a stand-alone and we also offer Split Second controllers as a piggy-back option.

Contact one of our techs for more information on these products. This kit is perfect for most daily driver or even some race applications depending on your exact needs. The kit is designed to run anywhere from 5lbs of boost up to 15lbs of boost!! Even mild boost can take your little 3RZ engine upwards of hp!!

Check out LCEngineering. Close Menu. Note: Images are for illustration purposes only. Images may not represent the product listed. Please contact customer service with any questions or concerns: Suggested with your install Pro Piston Set 7.This is the first time someone ever compare them side by side. The UZFE engines are a mystery to everyone. In this article I will be comparing the two rods with precise measurements.

The rod on the left is 1UZ and the new rod is 3UZ. From the first picture of the two rods, you can already tell the difference and similarity between the two rods. Lets start with the cap. The 1UZ rod cap seem to be little beefier with same bolt size for both rods. The larger end diameter is the same. They both measured 2. The small end is measured. The length of the rods is the same for both cars. Therefore they should be interchangeable.

The thickness of the ends are equal. The thickness for the smaller end is. So far there are more similarity than differences. As we move toward the shaft, you will find out the disappointing specs. The 1UZ rod is actually beefier then the new rod.

1uz Itb Kit For Sale

The thickness for the rod shaft is. The width of the rods are appear to be a huge differences. Why would Lexus make such a weak rod on the 4. That is a very good question and it will be a hot topic for discussion for a long, long time. However, the two rods are noticeable in weight and size. The picture below start to pain a picture in your mind. As for forced induction application which rod would you choose? Personally, I would choose the stronger one. Which one is the stronger one? The full picture is really telling a story.

The noticeable differences in rod shaft width and thickness. I was very surprise to find out the thinness of the 3UZFE rod. Since the newer engine has larger displacement larger bore sizedid Lexus tried to compensate larger pistons with lighter rods? Lighter will rods will rev higher and making up for the larger bore?

Lexus tried to make the rods thinner and lighter to reduce weight. However, scarifying strength and durability.The Budget kit has been introduced to our extensive range of Supercharger kits for the 1UZ to allow for the DIY installer who has their own Supercharger.

The basis of this kit is the Bullet Cast manifold with bolt on top plate. This design lends itself to a budget kit setup, which allows different superchargers to be used with a change of the top plate. Also included are perfectly CNC cut top plates that position your Supercharger exactly where it has to sit in relation to the crankshaft pulley, bolt on removable Supercharger drive pulleys for easy boost upgrades and top idler pulley with correct spacing mounting boss.

Bullet Cast Manifold, Bullet CNC bolt on top plate, removable drive pulley, Bullet High flow Supercharger rear entry positions throttle body on right hand sideRear entry adaptor, external bypass valve, bypass valve silicon hose, hose clamps, Idler pulley and mounting boss, 6Pk drive belt, Intake manifold to cylinder head gaskets, nuts and bolts. This is a complete bolt-on kit — all you need to do is supply the supercharger. Bullet Cast Manifold, Bullet CNC bolt on top plate, press on boss with bolt on drive pulley, Supercharger rear entry to suit either GM throttle body or factory 1UZ throttle body positions throttle body on left hand sideIdler pulley and mounting boss, 6Pk drive belt, Intake manifold to cylinder head gaskets, nuts and bolts.

Please note: GM Supercharger has to be machined to fit this manifold. Details will come with the kit. Note that that throttle body moves to the left side of the engine.

3uz itb kit

Bullet Cast Manifold, Bullet CNC bolt on top plate, press on boss with bolt on drive pulley, idler pulley and mounting boss, 6Pk drive belt, Intake manifold to cylinder head gaskets, nuts and bolts. Customer must fabricate supercharger to throttle body manifold.

Call Bullet for details. Bullet Cast Manifold, Bullet CNC bolt on top plate, Bullet Billet snout with bolt on drive pulley, Alloy rear entry and throttle body flanges, Idler pulley and mounting boss, 6Pk drive belt, Intake manifold to cylinder head gaskets, nuts, studs and bolts, bottom injector seals and instructions for modifying the Supercharger.

Bullet Cast Manifold, Bullet CNC bolt on top plate, Bullet M pulley boss, Alloy rear entry and throttle body flange plates, Idler pulley and mounting boss, 6Pk drive belt, Intake manifold to cylinder head gaskets, nuts, studs and bolts, bottom injector seals, 16mm cnc alloy spacer plate. Can be retro fitted to all existing Bullet 1UZ supercharger systems.

Bullet designed and manufactured heavy duty Tensioner suits all 1UZ, 2uz and 3uz engines. Increases tension to reduce belt slip with supercharged setups, Can be retro fitted to all existing Bullet supercharger systems. The Universal supercharger kit is specifically designed for use with an aftermarket Engine management ECU as it uses a new throttle body, but can be sold to suit the standard Lexus Throttle body if needed for an extra cost.

The rear intake does not have provision for the Idle stepper motor, but this can also be added for an extra cost. Throttle body sits on the left hand side of the engine.

Kit can be ordered with either 6 or 9 psi bolt on pulley on the M90 based positive displacement Supercharger.

3uz itb kit

The Bullet high flow cast Intake manifold is used for ease of installation and maximum performance. The Bullet Kit contains all hardware needed to fit the system to the vehicle —. Hot Rod system available in 2 configurations, with a high amount supercharger manifold which raises the supercharger 50mm.

Also available with top entry superchargers to suit blower style induction hats. Ford M90 Budget Kit. Buick M90 Budget Kit. Ford Cobra M Budget Kit. Ford Mustang M Budget Kit. Bullet designed, manufactured and patented high efficiency air to water intercooler suits all Bullet 1UZ inlet manifolds.

Bullet Supercharged Heavy Duty Tensioner. Supercharger Kits. Bullet Cars.


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