Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of the Quran, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplications that are used as a means of treating sicknesses and other problems. A person who performs ruqyah to cure someone is called a raaqi. Ibn Hajar rahimuhullah said there is a consensus on the using of ruqyah if three conditions are met:. It leads a person to his destruction in this life and the next and increases calamities and sicknesses.

Ruqya Treatment

This type of ruqyah is prohibited, from the statement of the Prophet p. This type of ruqyah includes: magic whether learning, practicing, or teaching itfortune telling, horoscopes, superstitious belief, and at-Tameemah charms and amulets. In either case, the most important thing to know and admit is that the healer, whether it is you yourself or someone else, is merely a helper.

If you or your patients start to think that you, a human, have the power to heal, rather than God, then your efforts will fail. If you are not Muslim, you will probably have to find a Muslim healer to help you. However, be careful when you do if you do. They may also be able to cure you but do so un-Islamically. You know a healer is Islamic by the following:. The treatment is essentially based on the Quran. We now need to know the pertinent verses and how to apply them.

Habba sawda and Senna leaves are listed as prophetical medicine. It is always possible to discover new cases for which specific solutions are needed or we can improve on existing solutions, the same way sorcerers invent new techniques to make their evil more efficient and more resistant to the usual treatments. We should not be surprised to see that all the practitioners in this field have different methods, even if they agree on the principles.

In an extreme case, someone punished by Allah because of his sins will be impossible to cure. But recovery should not be the only reason for repentance, Allah must be worshiped for His satisfaction and everlasting success. Encourage the person to repent but do cure him as well. Jinn and black magic may make religious practice difficult. On the other hand, it is very important that the person does not commit association with Allah shirki. The only case where it is inefficient is when a person is punished by Allah Himself.

There are also people who always relapse because they continue with their sins. However, the difference is clear with a person who has strong spirituality. It is not rare that he sees in a dream the place where the black magic is or the way it is performed or the Prophet saw reciting Quran on him or any other dream helping him to recover or directly relieving the patient.


Some of the evil may also disappear without having a dream.The treatment is essentially based on Koran: the Koran cancels sorcery and evil eye, burns jinns when they are unbelievers or wrong. We now need to know relevant verses and how to apply them. This is generally brought to us by the sunnah of the Prophet, blessings and greetings be upon him: we hold the person and we recite the Koran facing them, while we reciting have water in containers in front of us, and we sputter the water at the end of recitation.

The patient later prepares herbal drink and bathes using this water for a given number of days. Many surats and verses are recommended to be recited a given number of time. This field is not limited: it is always possible to discover new solutions which are always needed or we can improve existing ones. The same way sorcerers invent new techniques to make their evil more efficient and more resistant to the usual treatments.

It is practically impossible to have solutions for all problems; like in medicine it is not possible to have cures for all illnesses. So we should not be surprised to see that all the practitioners in this field have different methods, even if they agree on principles. You know a healer is Islamic by the following: they do not tell you the future, they do not perform sorcery, they use Koran, they do not pronounce complex monologues and invokes no one but Allah, they do not make amulets to hang on you, and they recommend you invocations and religious deeds like prayer.

In case of a doubt, perform consultation prayer and ask Allah to correctly guide you. The stronger character and spirituality one has, less they will be affected by sorcery and jinns and the easier they will recover. In an extreme case, someone punished by Allah because of their sins will be impossible to cure. So recommend repentance to patients to pray if they do not, leave major sins if they do any in order for Allah to accept their prayer and ease their recovery.

But recovery should not be the only reason for repentance, Allah must be worshiped for His Satisfaction and everlasting success, but it happens that trials with sorcery and jinns are a cause for repentance. Do not give ultimatums: practice first, and then cure.

Encourage the person to repent and start practicing but do cure them. Jinns and sorcery may make religious practice difficult. I know that some colleagues in Egypt and Saudi Arabia demand repentance before curing patients, but circumstances in other countries are different. Without rushing people, you can demand some conditions: ablution, decent dress for women… On the other hand, it is very important that the person does not commit association: that he should not go to seers or sorcerers. Anyway, the treatment I am describing works with non-practicing and even non Muslims.

There are also people always relapsing because they continue with their sins. However, the difference is clear with a person with a strong spirituality. It is not rare that he sees in a dream the place where the sorcery is or the way it is performed or the Prophet, blessing and greetings be upon him, reciting Koran on him or any other dream helping to recover or directly relieving the patient.

Part of the evil may also disappear without dream. Prompt them to rely on Allah and not on you. If they can read Koran and they are involved in religion, share some roqyia knowledge with them. If a person wants to know who is responsible for sorcery, they can ask Allah before going to bed by performing the prayer of need.

If it is a good thing for them to know, Allah will show it in shaAllah. Finally, do not neglect the patient physical aspect. Health and physical strength also count to go over these troubles. Do not hesitate to have him taking vitamins and minerals over the treatment period if he has some physical weaknesses or lack of energy.

If he is emotionally affected: fear, anguish, nervousness, apathy, tension, have them to take natural relaxation herbs vervain or lime, for example. It is hard to remove a jinn from someone who, as soon as he leaves treatment, goes back to sins.Today we have finished the first stage and we are starting the second. My first goal was to train nursing staff. By the Grace of Allah, in Abidjan only, has trained more than brothers and sisters. Many today are experienced professionals who can handle any situation and deal with all new cases.

Some have opened their centers and train their students, some are with them to assist, some practice occasionally or while travelling. Others have learned for their family and private setting. Initially, there was on the job training. I was busy with patients and I needed the different tasks to be done. As the first students were trained and became professionals, we separated training from treatments, developed training levels with several modules, selected trainers and established written and audiovisual course material.

More than 4, people were treated in Abidjan and the results are excellent by the Grace of Allah. An old man had such painful stomachaches that he could not stand or walk by himself for years.

He went to all the hospitals and lost hope. The day he came to the center, he took the herbal tea, spent the whole night having diarrhea, and he returned the next morning standing and walking by himself and testifying that his pain was gone. Women came to show me the children they got after following the treatment after ten years of infertility. A five year old child came to us with cramped and huddled limbs: he could not stand or carry his hand to his mouth. Three days after, his mother came to testify to the radio: the child was standing, running and having fun, she believed in Allah before but now she believes in Him even more.

The number of women that were possessed, had fits and had night husbands and who got cured are endless. Many patients managed to fight against their sorcerers and saw the evil turn against its authors: some had serious accidents, some became blind and others died.

Sometimes they came to confess their crimes, asked for forgiveness and asked the patient to stop using Quran water. We can say that by the Grace of Allah, we have the cure for all the problems related to witchcraft and jinns. In France, sorcerers have no relationship with each other: they destroy people's lives and we treat them. They do not get involved in our work and we have not found a way to stop them. In Africa, in all the countries where we went to install roqya, sorcerers associated in hundreds to block our way.

The hardest battle was against the Dozo, man-eaters. But Allah ultimately sent them a wave of riders with swords that decimated them. Now, by the Grace of Allah, we take the lead and destroy the witches before they attack us. When I came to Africa, I was pleased to see that the witchcraft was not too different from the one I saw in France.

Nevertheless, we had to adapt to the peculiarities of African witchcraft : the excessive use of sacrifices and jinns. These techniques enable us to catch any jinn, kill or convert him and then send him to fight the sorcerers and the shayatin. We got the first jinn catcher in Februarytoday there are more than thirty by the Grace of Allah.This second campaign in Guinea Conakry was a phase of expansion of the roqya, of discovering new horizons and a big step toward the eradicaton of shirk.

Two scenes really touched me in the beginning of the campaign: when I arrived in the centre, there were responsible or charge persons of 19 centres from the country to welcome me and also a week seminar for recycling. Knowing the poverty of this country and the difcultes for travelling from one region to another, this sacrifce shows the will of all these members to improve in the roqya and beneft from my presence there.

In additon the recent Ebola crisis added to the country poverty as well as roqya centres because of restrictons in transports.

The second scene was the campaign opening ceremony at the Religious Afairs Secretary Office — equivalent to Religious Afairs Ministry — where ministries of health and educaton where represented.

ben halima ruqya

This ceremony was preceded by a press conference. This phenomenon exists in all west Africa: in a school, many girls have simultaneous hysterical fts; as soon as one girl start screaming, many others scream back at her, have sudden moves and start running away.

ben halima ruqya

You then have 10 to 50 girls possessed. The whole school stops working and everyone search for a soluton. But in Guinea, this phenomenon is endemic and only few school escape from it.

So the free assistance we give authorites is welcomed and opens doors for our work. I was happy to see that Guineans have mastered symbolic verses to add for patents as well as psychotherapy. They have even started knowing the spiritual way, which I demand for years, so I instructed them to teach the foreigners. However the big gap is the catching, totally absent in Guinea, and the reason given me is that only women are possessed and either their family are against them becoming catcher or they quickly get married and are too busy by household.

We then decided to have catchers in many and even all Guinea centres. The result of this lack is that all the raqis trained later never saw djinn catching and are unable to be initated and train djinn catchers.

Since we had 6 foreign catchers it was the occasion to do so. Alhamdu lillah, by the end of the natonal campaign, there were some trained catchers and others in training, what is very important for the contnuity of the work. The other aspect of the work was the press campaign: many radio programs with djinn catching and few TV program as well as daily preaches in mosques. We had many new trainees but the outcome in term of patents was weak. Is it because of daily press interventon brothers do all year long or Ebola which impoverished everybody?

We will in cha Allah generalize this pricing method: for example instead of This is going to facilitate access to healthcare for the patents, those who will be relieved at the frst or second session will not need to contnue, and the income will be spread over tme, especially when there is a campaign, those who will manage the following will also have income. The third part of the campaign was the work in schools. It was a great success by the grace of Allah.He grew up in both cultures until he embraced Islam at the age of fifteen.

He since engaged in learning and teaching Islam through student, youth and daawa organizations.

ben halima ruqya

He came to continue his studies in France in then settled there. Statistical and economic engineer, Olympic mathematical champion, he also learned Quran by heart on his own an achieved a master degree in Arabic. After tremendous experience in daawa in various communities and countries, he gave full time to Islamic activities since and founded a French Islamic publishing house where he wrote, translated and edited 20 books, including the translation of Hayat Assahabah of Al-Kandahlaoui. He is practicing Roqya professionally since and since spends most of the year in tours for explaining Roqya and shirk issues, treating, training and installing Roqya centers in Africa and elsewhere.

My first three days outing were in England in when I was sixteen, then my first forty days in in Pakistan. Since then I did 19 times forty days in addition to the four months, I even learnt urdu Pakistan language to have direct contact with the leaders.

The daawa and tabligh activity is a unique framework to understand the effort of the prophet, pbh. The tabligh is often blamed to be an archaic way of predication and people think it should take advantage of modern techniques: this is missing the point of tabligh goal and spirit. Otherwise, for daawa efficiency, my choice today is books, tv, radio and then the official way: being recognized by authorities and preach in official medias.

There is a first step in the tabligh after street daawa which is daawa at work. I am giving you the example of shaykh Amjad Ali from Karachi, cardiologist who owes his own clinic.

He tells me how he does daawa at work:.

Ruqyah Virus Corona Bagian 2 - Syaikh Ben Halima Abderraouf

So he must repent and I ask him what is going on in his life to see if he has to arrange his prayer, or he way of getting money or his relation with his relatives or something else. Then, when I give the subscription, I put: read Yasin three times per day; make such or such duaa, enf then the medicines. When a patient stays at the clinic, we bring him the stone for the tayammum and we explain to him how to pray in his state.

Patients also have daily hadeeths and sourat recitation sessions. And this is how tabligh is taught to all doctors in Pakistan and India and in all the countries following their instructions, and for each professional category there is a program for preaching at work.

You are going to ask me what I have against it? What I have against it is that many countries do not follow this movement and are still limited to street daawa. And do you know why? Because tabligh leaders in these countries do not work and for them tabligh consists in making people stop working to be dedicated to daawa. The other lack in the daawa and tabligh movement is the inexistence of the emir conception. We insist a lot on shura — concertation — but there is no training for being emir and almost no advices to the emir on the way of managing the group and there is never evaluation for the emir.

This leads to perpetual renewal of inefficient emirs and errors in human ressources. The emir choice criteria remain the same: commitment and elderness even though some will never be able to lead. Mathematics Mathematics are something flowing into my veins, moving into my neurons, structuring my vision of the world, putting in equation all the parameters of life.

First of all, in school I was always the first in math. In primary school I was never doing my math homework and when the teacher was interrogating me, I was reading the question and giving the answer at once. Then in life everything is mathematics. For example anytime I see women ready to make a salad, taking a cucumber, cuting it lengthways into two, then cuting again each part lengthways into two and then taking each piece one by one to slice it.

Other math example in real life. When you give a candy to a child, he is happy. Then someone takes it from him or he loses it and he starts crying. But before he had the candy he was not crying, everything was fine, so now that he is back to his initial state why the tears?

Since the dream of any math lover is to resolve the equation and optimize the function, here I am constantly searching for solutions and improvement. I did not wait long to figure out that there is a lot to do and I hope that my books will prove it to you. Ben Halim. All rights reserved.He grew up in both cultures until he embraced Islam at the age of fifteen. He since engaged in learning and teaching Islam through student, youth and dawah organisations.

He continued his studies in France in where he settled. A statistical and economic engineer and Olympic mathematical champion, he also memorised Quran on his own an achieved a master degree in Arabic. Sheikh Ben Halima Abder Raouf has been practicing Ruqyah professionally since and from spends most of the year on campaign explaining Ruqyah and shirk issues, treating, training and establishing Ruqyah centres throughout the world. It is also important to note that the science of Ruqyah is a developing one, and Ruqaa people who practice Ruqyah develop new trends and methods over time.

The developing trends can be questionable since Ruqyah is not a complete science prescribed in the Quraan and Sunnah.

Therefore advice and verdicts is required by and sought from Muslim scholars that specialise in the field of Fiqh to authenticate these new developing methods. Alhamdulillah, Sheikh Ben Halima Abder Raouf has sought such council from various Ulama nationally and internationally and many of them have recommended and approved his method of Ruqyah. Allah has ensured much success with this method, that many have inculcated his method of Ruqyah in their lives, media organisations have promoted his works and have hosted him on numerous occasions with interviews linked to his method of Ruqyah, centres have been established worldwide and Ulama Councils have authenticated his works and method.

Campaign Training. Who is Sheikh Ben Halima? Contact Details info ruqyah. Articles Authentic Narrations Hadith on Hijamah.Br Ehsan is an accountant by profession working as a Financial Controller for one of the leading multi-national freight forwarding company in Canada. Ehsan got involved with Ruqya when several of his family members were afflicted with sihr black magic and jinn possession that had catastrophic impacts on their lives.

Unfortunately many of the local imams and shaikhs were not much help, either because they did not want to get involved or because they were not trained well enough in the field of ruqya. After searching for help and running around helpless for years, the family situation became unbearable and out of dire necessity Br. Alhamdulillah in October he attended an eight day training program held in Toronto Canada by the Ben Halima group.

Since then Br. Ehsan has realized the growing need for such service and has been helping people overcome jinn possession and black magic related problems. He is also involved with the Ben Halima group and is listed as a full time raqi on their website as well. He is the main contact person for Canada. Working together, they have completed 8 campaigns in Canada treating over patients. Another successful campaign was launched recently in Ohio, USA in February treating 20 patients.

Br Ehsan is also involved in training brothers and sisters for Ruqya and is conducting regular courses where students attend from all over the US and Canada. Most of them are working with him promoting Ruqya in North America.

His vision is to open lots of ruqya treatment centres all across North America, inshaAllah, where people get cured for all kinds of illnesses using methods involving ruqya, prophetic medicine, herbal medicine, psychiatric treatment.

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