People tell me of their suffering. I listen closely.

choctaw shaman

While drumming, I seek a vision of their healing. Working with guidance, I seek a wholeness for their soul. Who is Susan? She was born into the Choctaw Nation. At the age of 7 she had Rheumatic Fever and flew out of this world on the wing of an airplane, where she was healed and taught. When she returned she was no longer sick and she was changed. From that time on, she fell into a visionary state easily and had "knowing". Her Choctaw grandmother recognized her as a visionary, and she began teaching Susan.

When Susan was 19, she was initiated as a healer and has been called upon to help people since that time. Her fieldwork has been pivotal for catalyzing the re-emergence of shamanism in China.

Her dedication to cultural preservation has led her to the Amazon basin in Brazil and to the most remote northern taigas of Mongolia, where she filmed the shamanic traditions of the nomadic reindeer herders.

She is available for both in-person and long-distance healing sessions. She is an artist. You are cordially invited to visit Pastels by Susan to see some examples of my work. Video A remarkable documentary filmed in North China and Inner Mongolia allowing you to experience the living traditions of the Manchu and Mongol people.

The 37 minute film includes an ancient harvest ritual, a ceremony for healing and interviews with shamans. The drumming style aodv algorithm code by Ai-Churek is not typical of Tuvan shamanism and is distinctive to her.

This healing ritual was recorded in California during a workshop sponsored by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.Photo above was taken in Neverland in and captures more than members of the Jackson family. Some of them are missing like Janet or Marlon. Joe Jackson had stated that he has Native American ancestry. Michael and Jermaine Jackson have said this also. Joseph also stated that he had some caucasian roots. It has also been said that Katherine Jackson has Blackfoot Native American and Chinese ancestry, also as yet unverified, at least publicly.

Nobody called him July, everybody called him just Jack. Great-grandfather Jack was born in the tribe of Choctaw in the beggining of 19th century. He was an Indian shaman. Also Jack in his youth worked as a scout in the USA army. In they gave birth to their first son, a boy whom they named Israel. As well as my great-grandfather, Nero was tall and light-skinned, with high cheekbones and small sparkling eyes.

And he was very proud of himself. Nero was still a boy when Jack started to transver him his shaman knowledge. As well as other slaves, Nero had to eat there and then when it was told by the owners - kneeling before a low trough from which he scooped with a spoon. Soon Nero had enough of it and he ran away.

My grandfather was tormented on crude cotton fields of the South, held down on hands and legs. Once fetters all the same have removed, and Nero has again dared to run away. This time the owner of of a plantation himself has headed search group and has appointed the award to the one who will catch Nero.

He was afraid, that other slaves will follow his example if he will not catch it him.

Choctaw - Religion and Expressive Culture

And when he has really tracked down Nero, he has taken a heated chimney nipper and squeezed his nose with them until Nero has fallen pout without feelings. He has left my grandfather to lie on the ground because thought, that Nero was dead. But scars of the burn have remained with him up to the end of his days. They did not need much money to be happy because they love each other. Emmaline was from Lousiana, she has gone to her mother slightly yellowish color of a skin.

At least he could earn for a life adeguatedly - selling the Indian medicines.

Healer’s Hand Symbols

Grandfather Nero conducted a simple life and has saved so much money, that he and my grandmothe could get a farm in Sunnyvale in Mississippi. He has paid with cash for hectares of fertile ground. There Nero and Emmalinne had 15 children and in general Nero had 21 children. My grandfather, grandmother and all their huge clan was fed from this ground, where they planted corn, tomatoes, and other vegetables, held chicken, pigs and cows.

Nero then frequently wandered in the woods to collect grasses. From roots and other parts he made broth, spilled it in bottles and gave it to the patients to drink, he made also ointments of various wood grasses.We belong to the ground We must stay close to it; We belong to our Soul We must enfold it Forsaking either We will get lost Maybe not find our way. The major emphasis in this workshop will be training in the following shamanic methods. All these methods will be interwoven with drumming, chanting, dancing, and ceremonies appropriate to those activities.

Entering and sustaining the "shamanic trance state" Learning different forms of the classical shamanic journey We will learn several methods for entering the shamanic Trance State. Participants are intiated into shamanic journeying, aided by druming and other techniques for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities. Shamanic Trance is one of the most remarkable visionary methods used by humans to explore the hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream.

It is within various trance states and through the shamanic journey method that individuals find their own individual spiritual teachers, power animals, and helpers in nonordinary reality. These are the beings that become the source of power, wisdom, help with problem-solving, and assist the shamanic practitioner in their healing work. This is the first intiatory step in shamanic training and these methods can be applied beyond the workshop in contemporary daily life.

Shamanic Healing Methods: Mending the Wounded Spirit Every human society has health pratitioners who use models that provide them with a basis for diagnosis and treatment of the ill and suffering. In shamanic cultures the basic model is that all suffering and illnesses have a spiritual component. The soul of a person encounters many challenges, and dangers just as does the body.

Thus, the shaman's focus is on doing whatever is required to restore the person's spirit to connection with the wholeness of the Universe. The shamanic model postulates that unless the spiritual aspects are addressed, there is an incomplete healing process which years of treatment and medical intervention does not resolve. The person may continue to suffer or to encounter other misfortunes. In addition to doing healing work with the suffering, they assist the person in linking up with their own sources of spiritual power.

From this reconnection, other distresses may be resolved by the body's own self-repairing system, a healing system that is something we share with all of nature. We share it w ith the rivers, plants, animals: with everything that has this capacity to heal itself when disturbed. Participants will be initiated into the shamanic healing methods.

These methods are often referred to as "soul retrieval," extraction removing spiritual intrusionsrestoring lost vitality or power power animal retrievals. I prefer to place all these, and other methods, under the general category of Soul Re-membering.

Often people experience themselves as fragmented, dis-membered, and having lost their sense of Self. An elder shaman commented that "healing is remembering who we are.

Some of these methods will be described in mini-lectures and others will be taught so that participants can apply these methods in their personal and professional lives. Our Soul's Health is inseparable from Nature: Working with Nature Spirits Shamanic peoples have many ways of keeping lively their sense of inseparable relationship with all Nature.

They know we are part of Earth evolving and that somehow we partake and remember all that has ever been. We are the stewards for future generations. We cannot be "whole" apart from a vital relationship with the other inhabitants with whom we share this planet.

Our workshop is located in a natural setting that provides opportunities to do shamanic activities with the other beings within that landscape.Have you ever wondered what your Choctaw forefathers believed and how they worshiped in the days before they embraced Christianity and become followers of Jesus Christ? Probably the best source of information available today on the social and religious customs of the ancient Choctaws can be found in the scholarly works of the late John R. Swanton, who conducted a number of studies of Indian tribes for the United States Government.

choctaw shaman

According to Swanton, the Choctaws were originally worshipers of the Sun. If this is correct, it places the Choctaws into a possible racial relationship with the Mayans, Toltecs, Incas, Aztecs, Polynesians, Japanese and lost peoples of the Easter Island area.

All of these people were or are Sun worshipers, believing that the Sun is the deity or the eye of the deity. This also raises the question that perhaps the Choctaws were among those people escaping from the purportedly lost continent of Lemuria or Mu when that land was swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean, much as Atlantis sank into the Atlantic.

Hopefully, these legends can be retold in future issues of Bishinik. The holy number of the ancient Choctaw religion was four, much as three in the holy number of Christianity. Why four? For the Choctaw all things come in fours.

Did not the basic government unit … the family. There were four elements. In later years, as the original religion of the Choctaws waned and as Christianity crept in, the terms Uba Pike or Uba Pisku our father and Shilup Chitoh Osh the great spirit become more popular and began to make appearances in Choctaw stories or writings.

The stars were their children, and fire was a blessing bestowed by Hashtahli upon his earthbound children. But it was a mixed blessing, as the fire would report any transgressions to Hashtahli even though it cooked their food and warmed them on cool nights. The full moon was a clean house. And then the children would dirty it up again until when the last quarter moon arrived mother again started her monthly cleanup.

The ancient Choctaws recognized evil in the world, but rather than a full blown Satan or Devil such as is known to Christianity, evil and frightening things were invested in a number of lesser beings or spirits. Among these were:. Na Lusa Chito — A big black being which would pounce on and eat any person it found alone in the forest, particularly women and children.

Bohpoli, also known as Kowi Anukasha one who stays in the woods was more mischievous than evil. He would make sudden noises to startle you or toss a stick or stone at you when your head was turned. Kashehotopolo — A combination of man and deer, noted for great speed and agility.First who is Khat Hansen? Over the years she has posted multiple pictures of herself, but apparently not of the same woman.

Recording Artist Joan Wasser. Now first we have Khat claiming a previously identified hoax as one of her named Sasquatch. Now we come to this gem, where she is trying to lecture folks on how much she knows about the Sasquatch. This video completely exposes her as a fraud and I am sure the more digging we do the more examples we will find. Click on Vid Cap to watch video. Vid Cap from the UK Telegraph Comparison of the 2 noting the foliage totally gives it away!!!

With a little cropping, aspect ratio adjustment and some filters she created herself a Sasquatch named Brattis from Amani the Gorilla. Hansen, whoever she is has been conducting a long term hoaxing of people claiming to know things about Sasquatch and speaking as an expert under false pretenses has just earned herself a spot on the Squatchdetective Hall of Shame! I actually was impressed by Khat until I began reading her articles and interviews.

She has at various times claimed to be a Choctaw medicine person and a Choctaw shaman. There are over tribes in North America, and none, past, present, or future have ever had a shaman. New Age hucksters who have appropriated our culture claim to be Native American shamans. This site is dedicated to the unseen aspect of our world…an aspect that I deal with everyday in my journeys on this planet we call earth.

Shamanism is an ancient practice that has its roots in the many indigenous cultures around the world including Mayan, Peruvian and Native American to name a few. In Shamanisitic practice, the Shaman acts as a conduit to assist an individual to release negative and low frequencied energies. So that through empathy a connection is made and then through Shamanism the energies are cleared and released.

When working in the Shamanic way, the Shaman adds their strength to that of the individual so that both together are creating the release. In essence two become one and the burden is not totally on the individuals shoulders.

choctaw shaman

This is truly helpful to the individual receiving treatment because it takes much of the arduous work out of the process and rapid growth ensues. Enter your email address to subscribe to this journal and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Recording Artist Joan Wasser Now first we have Khat claiming a previously identified hoax as one of her named Sasquatch. Till Next Time, Squatch-D.

Like this: Like Loading Comments RSS feed. January 15, at PM. Phil Poling. January 16, at AM. Lavelle Jackson.

I Visited a Chickasaw Healer

January 24, at AM. Follow Squatchdetective's Blog on WordPress.Religious Beliefs. Choctaw traditional religion was largely unrecorded before early nineteenth-century Christian missionaries influenced traditional practices. The Choctaw maintain a deep faith in supernatural forces linking humans and other living creatures. The importance of maintaining harmony with nature, fellowmen, and the supernatural world is central to Choctaw beliefs. The status of a supreme being in traditional Choctaw religion prior to the spread of Christianity is not clear.

Their belief in numerous animal and anthropomorphic spirits who influenced human affairs continued, however, after the coming of Christianity. Today the Baptist denomination predominates among Choctaw in Oklahoma and Mississippi. Religious Practitioners. In aboriginal times, the influence of Choctaw prophets and doctors was considerable, and the belief in witchcraft was strong.

Powerful Shaman Drumming Native American music 🔥 4K FIRE (Shaman Music)

By the nineteenth century, the influence of Christian Choctaw pastors was important in most Choctaw communities in Oklahoma and Mississippi. Choctaw ceremonies were similar to other Southeastern tribes, with the Green Corn ceremonies being most important. Observers noted that the Choctaw held fewer religious ceremonies and more social dances than their neighbors.

Both dances and ceremonies were closely associated with the very popular stickball game similar to lacrosse. In addition to their industrial arts, the Choctaw were well known for singing and storytelling. In addition to traditional music, the Choctaw enjoy country music. The Choctaw believe serious persistent illnesses to be a product of spiritual evil often associated with witchcraft. Curing consisted of herbal medicines, ritual purifications, and the enlistment of spirit helpers to drive out evil forces.

Western clinical medicine is generally used today, but native Choctaw doctors are still consulted. Death and Afterlife. Death, like disease, could be the result of either natural or supernatural forces. Choctaw believed in an afterworld to which spirits of the dead go and in which individuals experience reward or punishment depending on their life on earth.

Funeral ceremonies are the most important life cycle ritual. Toggle navigation. User Contributions: 1. More information about belief in death cermonies and death and after life?

I need every thing on thier belief in living and dying. Anthony Murray.N ative American. I am of Cherokee descent. My Grandmother taught me to wildcraft. We have a rich resource of Native American tradition and knowledge in Oklahoma. Native Americans have a rich heritage of plant and herb use. Cherokee wildcrafting changes from one band to another, as well as with one family to another.

It is my belief that a return to our old ways provide for a healthier lifestyle. Below you will find some interesting links to Native Americans in Oklahoma. My friend once said and she understands the true meaning of being Tsalagi. She told me, every Tsalagi mother was Nvowti. No statement ever made was closer to the truth. Wado Ulv. No page on Cherokee healing is complete without addressing this.

There is no Tsalagi word for medicine man or shaman. Why is that you ask? Because they do not exist, very simple. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than to hear "I was taught by a Cherokee shaman or medicine man". Across the internet you will see page after page about Cherokee shamans or medicine men.

They are all frauds. First off, if they practice Nvowti they do not advertise, they have no need to as they are known by their people. There are only healers and those who see.

Then it is known by our people about the great study done on our culture in the early years. The payment for those stories induced some to come up with better stories.

If any of you want to know the truth contact the Cherokee Nation. Do not rely on those selling modern day snake oil!


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