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How to build an Expert Advisor without coding

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MQL5 Source Codes of Scripts for MetaTrader 5

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Top scripts for MetaTrader 4 based on user ratings

FreshForex is a brand operated by the international company Riston Capital Ltd. The Company provides access to online trading for clients from more than countries all over the world. The Company's partners are the licensed European liquidity providers, banks, payment aggregators and systems with which the company has been cooperating for more than 15 years.Watch how to download trading robots for free. Find us on Facebook! Join our fan page. Access the CodeBase from your MetaTrader 5 terminal.

Couldn't find the right code? Order it in the Freelance section. How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator. This script uses the Windows API to modify the "From:" and "To:" fields within the strategy tester according to user input. For this script the strategy tester should already be open. Tested on Windows 7 64 bit. If you are using another version of win. OLE is used. The description of the DLL functions is given in the attached example. The example is a script that sends quotes to Excel and builds the diagram of daily price changes.

At exiting. The script draws on the chart the curve of the Polynomial regression with the channel of the mean square deviation. The library contain several functions to get an additional information about the symbols, loaded into the client terminal. Quickly close open orders by dragging and dropping this expert on chart. Will ask for confirmation to close each order within 2 pips of the drop. This set of scripts has been designed to scale-in your trades as price action runs in your favor.

This will maximize profits due to proper pyramiding, decrease the impact of unprofitable trading decisions and in general, make your life easier. Many developers face the same problem - how to get to the trading terminal sandbox without using unsafe DLLs. One of the easiest and safest method is to use standard Named Pipes that work as normal file operations. Automatically does volume calculation based on percentage of desired account balance and enters instant or pending trades.

Optional take profit is automatically at with respect to SL. Creates a report in HTML about all pairs and symbols, for example how many days ago a cross moving average appeard.

Pairs with a last recent cross moving average at daily timeframe have a chance for a trend reversal which may be traded. Close all multi currency open orders and cancel pending orders according to various scenarios. Slippage for open orders is calculated for each currency.A script can fulfil both analytical and trading functions. Unlike experts, scripts are executed on request, not by ticks.

In other words, where an expert works almost continuously, a script, having completed the function once, stops functioning by itself. Creation Setup Launch Shutdown. Working with scripts means: Creation of a Script The built-in "MetaEditor" is used to create and compile a script. It is a constituent of the client terminal and represents a convenient development environment of MQL4 programs.

Script Setup One has to set up scripts first before using them. Working parameters common for all scripts are defined in the client terminal setup window. Every script has its own settings, as well. Launching of a Script To launch a script, one has to attach it to the chart. The script algorithm will be launched immediately after that. Deletion of a Script The script completes its working after it has been deleted from the chart.

MetaQuotes is a software development company and does not provide investment or brokerage services.Watch how to download trading robots for free. Find us on Facebook! Join our fan page.

free mt4 scripts

Access the CodeBase from your MetaTrader 5 terminal. Couldn't find the right code? Order it in the Freelance section. How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator. Scripts are small applications that perform one-time actions. For example, you can delete all objects from a chart or place a set of orders for an open position.

Find here hundreds of applications that can automate small analytical or trading functions. Let's say we have 20 open orders on one symbol and want to set takeprofit or stoploss for all of them at the same level price.

free mt4 scripts

The script selects all open orders of the symbol and can modify stoploss or takeprofit or both at the desired level price. If the input parameters are left to zerothe stop or the takeprofit are left unchanged. You can send pending order on closed market between StartTime and EndTime at specific minumum and maximum price.

The script downloads the historical quotes data of a single timeframe for all symbols in the market watch. This is useful if you want to earn and work on 5 min chart. Quick scripts to remove Equity from a demo account for a broker that does not support anyway to withdraw.

This script will create, automatically, a CSV file with all your broker markets listed. We thought would be useful. We use it to integrate it with all our experts statistics. Good Trading and good statistics!!

This script provides quick work with a large number of pending orders in the market and contains functions for placing, changing, and deleting of orders within the your price range. After back testing, we usually need to analyze the testing result on a new chart which we have loaded our template,in this case we need to copy the objects on the testing chart to the new chart.

This script helps to save the objects into a file and show the objects on a new chart. This script removes all instruments with spread higher than the specified maximum requested and it also removes all non-trade enabled instruments from Market Watch, which allows you to concentrate on items you may want to trade without all the clutter.

This script scans for open orders and sets a fixed stop loss and take profit to all of the relevant. A script used to submit market or pending orders with take profit and stop loss levels, lot size, and optional trailing stop. This script allows you to close orders with one click, filtering by profit, loss, magic number and comment. When run on the price chart, the script modifies the stop loss or take profit of all open orders for the current instrument.

The script is designed for opening trades on binary options via the MetaTrader 4 terminal, if your broker supports this feature. You can also select which are of a single instrument.

To post a new code, please log in or register. Set Stoploss and Takeprofit at same level for multiple orders. Pending Order Timer on Closed Market.

Remove Equity from Demo Account. Average Volume per Hour.It is also known as MetaTrader 4, is an electronic trading platform that was developed by MetaQuotes Software specifically and highly advantageous for brokers and market makers. They are a cluster of codes that are programmed to perform an action with either a combination of keyboard characters depressing simultaneously or a click of a mouse.

They are codes written for the purpose of performing a single action within a duration of its purpose in the environment exclusive for the MT4 trading platform. Capital Preservation is your number one priority if you wish to be a trader.

free mt4 scripts

This is for forex or stocks, commodities or futures, options or bonds. Alternatively, you do a drag and drop with the script onto the chart window where you wish to make changes to the currency pair. The only different is, it is meant only for sell position.

Here we go

Likewise, it works well with pending orders and double clicking on it does not affect all positions. When double clicking or do a drag and drop, either way, opens a dialogue box with settings such as shown below. As shown this type of script gives you the option to affect market orders or limit orders specifically altered either by true or false.

Some traders limit their risk by the number of pips allowed through money management while others limit their risk by the level the market get rejected or penetrate. Either way, a stop-loss is a must. A level where if the market reverses your risk is limited. By default, this script gives you a 2 pip profit in case the market reverse on your position. You do a drag and drop with the script onto the chart window where you wish to make protect your risk to the required currency pair.

When double clicking or a drag and drop is performed, a dialogue box is presented with settings such as shown below. If the market reverses with high volatility and took out your stops, no fret just open another position if the market shows the same bias. Either way, preservation of capital is your number one priority, this is to ensure a continuity of your career as a trader.

It works with pending buy order and opens a buy position however it does not affect all position. Likewise, it works well with pending and open sell orders and double clicking on it does not affect all positions. The scripts mention above will aid you to set a profit target, very much like the two images shown below.

For a trader to be profitable he must learn to protect its profits regardless of when and how much. If you wish to make a living trading, you must first learn to take profits when doubts kick in. Sometimes leaving money on the table is the best way to trade another day. The above scripts give you the option to set profit target by pips or a level where support and resistance collide. The few scripts mention here is to be executed if you are late on your trade or felt that the trend is growing strong.

Even without this script I often and most frequent do a market order only to be let down with a reverse.With Scripts you will be able to perform tasks faster and easier. To remember the trades you just made and make them permanent as a screen shot just drag and drop the script [因.

Sometimes you just dont know details about your account which you should. With Account details info script for MT4 you will find out information which is critical for Forex Trading. How many times has it happened that you were using some account but did not remember what your Leverage is?

What is your Stop Out [因. When your chart looks really messy and especially if you have some indicators that leave behind dead objects with CleanUP all objects script for MT4 you can clean it all way. There are some indicators that leave behind once you delete them some left over objects. You know how terrible it is to go through [因. Drawing clear, nice looking, colorful Support Resistance Lines was never so easy. There is no need to change colors in properties anymore for each support resistance Line you draw.

This can now be done automatically with Drop [因. How much time do you spend when drawing your Level Lines on chart? Sure you can be fast but not if you want to color them and add price next to them! Well with Drop Level Lines script this is done automatically [因. Close All trades Script are simple but [因. Sure you Posted on February 4, in Scripts 0. Continue Reading. Posted on February 4, in Scripts 2. Posted on December 13, in Scripts 0. Posted on December 13, in Scripts 1.


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