To assign an image to one or all viewports:.

how to insert image in 3ds max

This opens the Select Background Image dialog. The image is displayed in a single viewport or all viewports. To display the environment map in a viewport:. The map is displayed in the viewport. To assign a viewport background by dragging and dropping:. Do not drop the map onto an object: This creates a material instead of assigning a background.

To display an animated background:. Now the background plays when you click Play, or when you drag the time slider. To use the environment map with animation controls:.

The environment map appears in the viewport. The image is renderable. To match the viewport background with the rendered background:. This turns on Safe Frames in the viewport. The Mapping control is automatically set to Screen. This is the only mapping type that works for this purpose.

The background displayed in the rendered scene should exactly match the background displayed in the Live area of the safe frames. To remove a background image:. To customize the solid background color, use the Customize User Interface dialog Colors panel Viewport Background option.

You can display an image in one or all viewports. You might use images for modeling, for example, by placing front, top or side view sketches in the corresponding viewports. Or use a viewport background image to match 3D elements with digitized camera footage, or for rotoscoping.

You select the image or animation to display in the active viewport, set the frame synchronization between the animated image file and the current scene, and turn the assigned image on and off.

These changes do not affect the rendered scene. To place an image in the background of the rendered scene, use the Environment And Effects dialog Environment panelaccessed from the Rendering menu. Controls the proportions of the viewport background by matching it to the bitmap, rendering output, or to the viewport itself.

Changes the aspect ratio of the image to match the aspect ratio of the viewport. Locks the aspect ratio of the image to the native aspect ratio of the bitmap. The default.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter lionheart Start date 22 Mar Needless to say, I got no where. I appears that Max is designed to mainly only use Bitmaps which are in its own Material Library. Is it possible to use JPG's and things from seperate graphics folder locations? Of course you can. When you browse for your image, double-click on the "bitmap" entry at the very top of the list, then navigate to the folder that contains your.

Last edited: 22 Mar Thanks Bill. Man, thats terribly easy. Bill, Which version do you prefer to work in? Is 9 more advanced then ? I hope it works What a mess.

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Preparing Background Images for Modeling in 3ds Max

Accept Learn more….This tutorial will teach you to create 3d blue prints for vehicles and other miscellaneous objects for 3ds Max. Load up your internet browser go to the address www. The images in a big size. Navigate to their data base by clicking on The Blueprints Database Located on the navigation bar.

Now that you have selected your car, plane or whatever you are making you need to save out the image with this saved we are going to split it into 4 pieces or however many you have in the image. Now open your image in Photoshop or any other editing program and begin to cut out each of the views on the image and put them in separate documents.

Once you have cut the image go file new then click ok. Open 3ds max and go into the material editor click the first material. Tip: Material editor can be accessed using the M key on your keyboard.

how to insert image in 3ds max

Moving on we want to change the amount of materials we have in this section these will be our images so go ahead and change the value under the "Set Number" button. For this example i am selecting four yours may differ depending how many views you had on your original blueprint.

Tip: It always helps to name things for future reference. Select the Material next to your material named top. We now notice that it has changed to a Standard material at the moment your material looks like this.

You want to now select the Image we saved earlier we are in the top material so it makes sense to select the top view of the four images.

Make a Plane and make its dimensions the size of the top viewportyou can see the dimensions of the image by hovering over it on a windows explorer window. Set them up like so i am guessing you have basic knowledgeof moving other objects if not i am sure there are other tutorials about that.

Now we have our planes set, time to setup the material idsconvert the bottom plane to an editable poly this can be done by right clicking the "Modify"tab and right clicking the modifiers stack and click editable poly.

You should now have one editable poly select each face usingthe face slection tool and assign the material ids accordingly:. If the materials appear incorrect it could be that yourtextures are rotated the wrong way to fix this go in to the material and change the rotation of the texture itis affecting.

My name is David Hewitt I am 17 Years of age soon to be 18 comeMarch I have plans to become a 3d asset creator and learn new skills I amcurrently studying at my upper school but I am planning to go to Hertfordshire Universityto study 3d games art. I enjoy making models and I hope this tutorial helps a lotof people. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. February 1, This tutorial is for 3ds Max as well as any 3D modeling program.

It is easier to model from a background image, whether using the actual blueprints or artists drawings. When working with multiple artists drawings for your backgrounds, it is best to fix any uneven disproportional images in your paint program to make it easier when you start modeling.

But if you are a beginner, it makes modeling from these backgrounds more difficult. In your paint program, Crop the picture. Use the Rectangular selection. Then Flatten the layers and Save the picture as a bitmap. Open 3ds Max. Pick a Plane object. Segs at 1. Draw a Plane in the front viewport. Open the Material Editor. Pick a Material slot. Go to the Diffuse button and load the image as a bitmap.

Creating an image plane in 3ds Max

You can also use the Slate Material Editor if your version of 3ds Max supports it. We can fix this by re-dimensioning the Plane object to match the height and width of the bitmap. Finished model using a 1D background. Measure the height and width of the two images you want. Both are of equal height, so we want to Crop and Save each one with the same height in pixels. If the black side is facing you then use Rotate from the toolbar. Rotate degrees. Also Check the Angle Snap. This will increment the rotating in 5 degree movements.

Use two Material Slots. One for each Plane object. Load the bitmaps in each Diffuse Map. Finished Skull. The three drawings look good as they are, but the Side view is disproportional to the Top view. That is the tail to nose dimensions are not equal. Crop, Flattenand Save the Top image as a Bitmap. The dimensions of the wingTOP. Its pixels from tail to nose. Step Backwards. Crop, Flattenand Save the Side image as a Bitmap. The dimensions of the wingLEFT. Its pixels tail to nose.In this lesson, you take a daylight image of a desert landscape, adjust its output to resemble nighttime lighting conditions, then incorporate the result into the scene as a background.

Set up the lesson:. Add a background image:. The image is a desert landscape, taken during the day. When this option is turned on, 3ds Max applies the exposure control to the background map itself.

With all objects hidden, 3ds Max has rendered only the background image. It is apparent that you will need to make the image darker so it suits the nighttime scene. Leave the Environment And Effects dialog open for now. Adjust the background image:. Make sure Instance is selected, and then click OK.

Once again, 3ds Max asks if this should be an instance or a copy. The background adds depth and interest to the scene. Add a Glare effect:. Here, you will add a Glare effect to the army compound lights, to simulate their interaction with dust particles and ambient humidity. Compare the two images to see the Glare effect.

This effect is most pronounced on the suspended lamp over the jeep. Add lights to the interior of the barracks on the right:. The interior barracks lights are fluorescent, so the new light object should be suspended about two feet about 0. Now you will set the color the light will cast. The scene calls for a standard fluorescent fixture consisting of four tubes.Welcome to the 3DS Max Forum! Considering 3ds Max? Ready to purchase 3ds Max? Refer to the Terms Of Service for the lowdown concerning warez.

Take the time to look over this post before starting a thread in the forum. Checkout the Renderosity MarketPlace - Your source for digital art content! Enjoy your stay and keep coming back! Top of Forum Unsubscribe Print. Both buttons are not clickable. Am I doing something wrong? If so, can you give me a solution, suggestions or steps to properly applying an image to a shape?

Please help me. LCA is correct in asking if the shape is more than just an outline cause it needs to have an actual surface to put the mat to i've made cut-outs of faces by tracing them in the window with a background pic then taking the already alpha channeled face in png format and assigning it to the extruded surface.

3ds Max - Matching the Environment - Part 1 - Perspective Matching

Ghost becareful when your using a copyrighted photo unless you have the right to use it i would be very careful in using the MLK photo or any photo that is copyrighted in your scene. You are missing out a stage. Yes you need polygons to apply a visible material to. But select a shader default Blinn will be fine those big circle things. This opens up the maps dialogue box now select your Image max can handle a lot of types. Then assign to selection will be available. Optional is show map in viewport.

You were just placing the material up for editing, this does have is place in Max for certain things. Explore the other map options aswell. But diffuse is the basic most important one. Hope this helps. To create a post you must first sign in or register an account. This site uses cookies to deliver the best experience.I made a basic television and I want to know how to make the t.

I used a plane for the square, but I can't figure out how to add the image. How do you import images into a plane? Is there a better way to do this? First you create a material, and add the image as its diffuse map you need to select a "bitmap" texture.

To show the image in the viewport, go back to the texture and click the checkers button in the horizontal button row. If you need to re-align the image and don't want to rotate the object you can use a UVW map modifier on the object.

If your using the default scanline renderer, do the following to apply an image to an object also works for other renderers. Make sure that, "Real World Size" is unticked in the planes parameter box. Your image should be now on the plane. Choose either "Box", "Face" or "Planar" make sure that your plane does not have any width or height segments. You may run into an issue of your image being slightly stretched across the plane, but to fix this just play with the height and width of the plane until the image is the correct proportion.

Keep clicking the "Fit" button as your doing this to update the fit. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. First you create a material, and add the image as its diffuse map you need to select a "bitmap" texture Next you assign the material to the object. Susan Lv 4. How do you think about the answers?

how to insert image in 3ds max

You can sign in to vote the answer. Alda Lv 4. I doubt this is feasible. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.


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