Updated: January 7, Dragster RC cars are some of the best cars you could ever get when it comes to racing. Although, finding the best RC Dragster — Top 5 RC Dragsters for sale can be difficult, but luckily we have found the best of the best and compiled them all to fit into a single page.

RC Dragsters are designed to do exactly what they sound like. They bring drag racing with model cars to the ultimate level. They work like your typical electric or gas-powered model car, but they have extra components in some cases, which could include a LiPo battery, for example, to make them ready for racing in the best ways.

They range in all aspects to ensure that there is one best suited for all skill levels, ages, etc. It has speed, specs that make it fly, and a couple of decent features that really bring it all together. Features and Specs Full steering. This RC dragster is much cheaper than the other models skyline emulator this list and still provides a good amount of speed and precision on the racetrack.

A beautiful and accurate model of an exotic racecar complete with functioning lights and doors, comes in either orange or red.

Best RC Dragster [Updated 2020]- Top 5 RC Dragsters for Sale

Probably not fast enough nor long-ranged enough to hold the attention of professional RC drag racers. Click To Shop or Read Reviews. It remains one of the most popular remote control car manufacturers of the modern era, and with good reason!

However, they no longer manufacture and sell any true RC drag race models, instead requiring you to assemble your own starting with a chassis kit such as this one. Excellent performance and durability all around — this car is designed to be driven hard and fast.

Great for intermediate to professional dragster racers because of the speed and overall intensity. This body mod is just the start to an incredible RC Dragster. It allows you to do virtually whatever you want with it to create the perfect car for yourself.

Features and Specs.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart.

Best RC Dragster [Updated 2020]- Top 5 RC Dragsters for Sale

If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. What is this? Starter, Mini Gear Drive, Jr. Loading Tomorrow Estimated International Date Loading Today. Drive Belt, Jr. Dragster, Radius Tooth, 0.

Width, 9. Center Distance, Each. Pit Stands, Jr. Lever Stand, Jr. Dragster, Black, Kit. Throttle Cable, Jr. Cable Length, Each. Tire Covers, Nylon, Black, 18 in. Maximum Diameter, 8 in. Width, 8. Drive Belt, Radius Tooth, 0. Center Distance, Jr. Dragster, Each. Drive Chain, Regina Gold,5 ft. Length, Seat Pad, Master Blaster Jr.

Slip-on, Each. Inlet, Each. Dragster, Pair. Wheel, 3-Spoke, Aluminum, Polished, 8. Hose Size, 10 ft. Length, Each. Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required! Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Search Within Results.We started this project because we could not find an old looking slingshot dragster that would tech.

Most old chassis needed so much updating it was not worth the work. The newer chassis out there is a mix between modern A-arm, canard, high sitting cars with an engine stuffed up front so they can call it a FED. Not busting on them, just not our cup of Nitro. Our chassis is new with the look of a traditional rail from the 60s.

The chassis is built with all SFI specs to tech to 7. For an additional charge, we can build the car to run top fuel. All chassis kits come tacked together ready for finish welding. Any options that are purchased come with brackets tacked in place with option installed. We wanted to make a simple old school chassis that you can add a motor and tranny, get it finish welded, and go racing.

We spent months developing the chassis to be easy to finish for the true home builder. Check out our Customer Car page link above. A budget build that runs in the 9s with a stock short block hydraulic cam motor with compression. The Chassis Farm. Nostalgia Dragster Kits.Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the RacingJunk. Motorsports March Madness on RacingJunk.

Check up the matchups here. Check out the entries or submit your vehicle! Junior Dragsters are half-scale versions of full sized Top Fuel drag racing vehicles with single cylinder, five-hp engines powering these long nosed racers. The NHRA and IHRA sanctioning bodies both have race classes for Junior Dragsters where they can compete and earn points towards championship standings, just like their full-sized brethren while gaining the skill set to really punch it off the starting line.

According to the NHRA, the Jr Dragster class was started by Vince Napp, who built the first half-scale version that was presented to the sanctioning body, already in the market for a vehicle class for younger drivers. Jr Dragsters for sale on RacingJunk. Featured Ads View All. Advanced Search. Filter By:. Has photos. Sort By:. All Ads Private Sellers Dealers. Car has been back halved. This car is capable of running 7. Car will Beadlocks, microntow dolly, tire covers.

Page 1 of Go to Page:.The Half Scale Extreme Jr. Dragster is the gold standard of Junior Dragster performance. The Extreme Jr. Dragster chassis has been perfected over a decade of on track experience and customer feedback. Our Extreme Jr. Dragster is the most reliable and consistent hard tail bracket Dragster available. Our new Swing Arm Jr. Dragster chassis has been incredibly successful and one of the most popular swing arm suspended Junior Dragster chassis available.

Our swing arm design will improve bad launches on poorly prepped starting lines, help manage bumpy race tracks and improve driver control on the top end. The Half Scale Outlaw Jr. Designed for high performance, the Outlaw Jr.

Specifically designed for the younger year old class, the Jr. Fueler is the perfect entry level Jr. Dragster chassis to get started in, and grow with your young driver. More Info. Not sure which Half Scale Jr. Dragster Chassis is right for you?

mini dragsters

Dragster for your child! Compare Dragsters. Dragster Parts Categories. Accessories They offer children 6 years and older an opportunity to get into drag racing 5 year olds can join a training class. The class has become very popular as a family racing opportunity and also as a training ground for stepping up to higher level drag series. Junior dragsters are characterized by their scratch-built single seat chassismid-engine that is, between the driver and rear tires rear-drive layout and covering bodywork.

A roll cage is integral to provide safety for the driver. The base class uses a 5 horsepower motor, with higher horsepower used for classes for older children. The chassis is relatively easy to construct and repair and the engine is reasonably low cost to maintain.

mini dragsters

Due to the scratch-built nature of Junior dragsters, the builder will find working knowledge in handling, chassissuspension, powertrain, aerodynamic and safety useful. More advanced knowledge in these six major areas of the car design may help the designer optimize the traction and performance of the car, but due to restrictions placed on E.

Elapsed time and speed limits, there is intended to be a performance cap to prevent excessive development. Still, the opportunity exists to maximize performance within the limits imposed. Weight Distribution: Weight transfer to the rear tires upon launch is critical in drag racing. The greater the weight transferred the better. However, the front tires must continue to provide steering capability.

Suspension: Suspension, within the rules should permit maximum weight transfer to the rear tires and remain compliant to the road surface.

The suspension pickup point locations impact the chassis design. Chassis : Some flex in the chassis will assist in weight transfer to rear tires on launch. Powertrain: Weight distribution is heavily impacted by engine position. In drag racing, maximum weight transfer is achieved with the highest CG verticallyand the mass close as possible rearward toward the tire contact patch.

In drag racer design there are practical and potentially regulation limits to locating the engine and driver, and wheelie bars become important as flipping becomes more and more possible with rearward CG.

mini dragsters

Aerodynamic: Given the speeds of base 5 horsepower Junior Dragsters, aero devices like wings are not likely a factor in performance, except as a source of drag.

Even in higher powered Junior machines, wheel spin is not significant at speeds where the downforce generated by a wing would overcome the penalty in drag. Protection for fuel storage, fire protection. If you intend to race under a sanctioning body, always read and understand the regulations of your chosen racing class before designing or building any race vehicle. Learn the basics about race cars and race car design from our free online knowledge series. Download our free race car design aids to assist you designing your race vehicle.

If constructing your own chassisensure the chassis is dimensionally accurate and straight. The use of a solid, flat and level build space is important. Having sufficient space for the chassis construction is important, as a cramped workshop can be difficult to work in. The tools to fabricate the chassis and bodywork can add considerably to the cost of your project if you don't already have a workshop, but borrowing or renting items is also an option.

Most components can be purchased off-the-shelf as there is an industry of parts manufacturers for Junior dragsters. These parts reduce the cost of the overall machine when compared to fabricating your own.Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the RacingJunk. Motorsports March Madness on RacingJunk. Check up the matchups here. Check out the entries or submit your vehicle!

Classifieds Drag Racing Cars Dragsters. What is a dragster? The dragster is characterized by a long nose the Top Fuel car is usually 25 feet long, nose to tailwith an open wheel format, a large power plant, and runs on a mix of methanol and nitro methane. They feature blown engines, and run on methanol exclusively. Top Fuel dragsters are the fastest-accelerating race cars in the world, and reach up to mph over a feet. They are powered by a version of the cu in Chrysler Hemi engines, and can cover the foot strip in 3.

Antron Brown, 2. Tony Schumacher 3.

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Shawn Langdon 4. Del Worsham 5. Larry Dixon Dragsters for sale on RacingJunk. Featured Ads View All. Advanced Search.

mini dragsters

Dragster spindals. Filter By:. Has photos. Sort By:. All Ads Private Sellers Dealers. Hello, Up for sale is a complete, turn key, ready to race Dragster. This has been family owned for the past 8 years


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