I'll go. Pit shook his head, trying to voice a protest. The raven haired boy turned away, grabbing his coat. Don't move unless you need to. Pittoo shut the door behind him. It was chilly outside; the sun had just sank below the horizon. He shuddered, pulling the coat around him like a blanket. He couldn't exactly wear it correctly, since his wings wouldn't fit through the holes that were cut.

Luckily the store wasn't too far. After a few minutes, he reached the corner store. He pushed the door open. Right this way! He scans the items on the shelves, grabbing cough drops and cough syrup. So, he heads towards it. There were bright signs hanging above the different sections, but since he couldn't read them, he just walked down the aisle until he found cans.

This, he figured, was soup. Grabbing a few cans of the first kind he saw, he made his way to the counter, handing over the correct change. He heads out before grabbing his receipt.

The walk back was quiet, if you ignored the chirping of crickets. It was nice. He quietly unlocked the door, slipping inside in case Pit was asleep. He was. Moving into the kitchen, he silently emptied the contents of the bag.

He placed the cans on the counter. Moving into their bedroom, he places the full box of tissues next to the empty one, grabbing the empty one to dispose of. As he was heading out of the room, he heard the movement of sheets, and a quiet groan. You brought.

Pittoo rolled his eyes, heading back into the kitchen. Pulling out a pot, he placed it on the burner, turning the handle to turn it up. He looked at the soup can, squinting at the words. Just a few more minutes until his roommate will be able to eat. Then, he'd give the angel some cough syrup and force him to fall back asleep.

Then, he'd get a few precious hours of quiet time. After a few minutes of silence Including Dark Pit getting frustrated at his inability to read the label of the can. He spun around, grabbing a bowl. He hummed quietly to himself, some edgy song he'd heard a while back.

He didn't hear the padding of feet as someone else entered the small kitchen. It's hot. When Dark Pit didn't reply, he glanced up. When he'd eaten as much as he could, he took the medicine, and Dark Pit slung him across his shoulders, bringing him back to his room.I thought it would be fun to write a little one-shot between chapters of my fic Different Worlds.

Although sick Emma is written a lot in the fandom, this is my first experience writing a story and so here is my little spin. All is silent in the loft, and Snow White rubs her temples to quell the oncoming headache, grateful for 15 minutes free of crying and vomiting.

Ever since Emma tried to play hero and rescue Elsa from her ice cave, she has been increasingly sick with the flu. And like with most families, Emma just-so-happened to pass off her illness to her baby brother. It has been 3 days, and Snow is almost at her wits end. David has been out searching for Elsa's sister Anna and trying to find a solution to the wall of ice blocking them into Storybrooke, leaving her alone to care for their children.

The tea kettle on the stove begins a quiet whistling, indicating it is almost done. Snow scrambles to get it off the heat before it becomes louder, but upon leaping over the couch she stubs her toe on the corner of it and mutters a curse as it immediately begins to swell. The tea kettle begins screaming, as does the baby boy lying in his bassinet nearby.

Soon, Emma's groans from the bed across the room join in, and all thankful silence is forgotten. She takes the kettle off the stove and moves to comfort her crying baby, wiping the tears from his eyes and using a blue bulb syringe to suck the mucus from his nose.

This causes him to cry louder, his face turning a deep shade of red. You're okay, my little prince. Shh shh, Mommy's here," Snow bounces the baby lightly in her arms. The action causes the little boy to hiccup, then release a stream of throw up onto her salmon-pink cardigan. Emma then gives a cry of surprise and leaps out of bed, only making it a few steps before she falls to her knees and begins to vomit on the floor.

Thank god for hard wood. It was so worth giving Charming foot rubs for a week straight to win the argument over carpet or hard floors. Men—no sense of style for indoor decorating whatsoever. In Charming's case, anyway. Snow sets down her still crying baby, looking back and forth between her two kids as she struggles with who to go to. Emma is technically an adult, but Snow is finding that her illness is making her grumpy and child-like.

Replace the wailing for groaning, and Snow officially has two babies to take care of. Snow unbuttons her son's dirty blue onesie and sets him back down in just his diaper before going over to her daughter who has decided the floor is a good spot to lie. The floor is not a good place for you to be. Emma simply looks up at her through watering green eyes, her lower lip stuck out in a pout. Her golden curls are damp across her face, her nose runny, and her face pale.

Much like her little brother minus the hair. Snow rolls her eyes, then. Apparently, their daughter had picked up her dramatic flair from her father.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Peter and Wade first meet as kids. Despite their two year age gap they end up in the same year at school and become inseparable best friends, devoted to one another.

As their lives and their bodies change can their friendship survive their unruly biology? What happens as they get older and create their alter egos? Can Spidey and Deadpool really be friends Please pay attention to the tags as I will be adding more as this story continues.

The 'underage' tag refers to ages 16 and It only happens once every 2. Two miracles that happen in the same day join forever, no force can ever throw them apart, but millions will try, they power will be so strong that no other power can compare They could save the world or destroy it. Natasha Romanov didn't think she could ever have kids, neither did Pepper Potts Oh, but they can.

Peter was adopted by Tony and Pepper Stark when he was only days old. He has a life with them but his world gets ripped apart after his biological parents; May and Ben Parker want custody of their son back.

Tony Stark finds a 7-year old boy in the forest during a mission. He learns that the boy came from Hydra then he suddenly feels the need to protect him from the world, including the Avengers. Tony takes it upon himself to hide Peter away in one of his houses to keep him safe. A series of one-shots focusing on the father-son relationship between Tony and Peter. Some chapters will imagine Peter is Tony's biological child, but others may follow the MCU canon, I love some good father-son fluff so I just write when I've got an idea in mind.

Outcast from his pack Tim Drake-Wayne is broken. An omega needs it pack and he thought he had found one with the rest of the Wayne family and that he had found his alpha in Dick but now cast aside Tim is left adrift. Steve Rogers will be the first one to say that Bucky has a habit of picking up strays and he isn't at all surprised when Bucky brings home the abandoned omega Tim. It takes time but slowly Tim finds happiness with the Avengers and possibly found the pack he always wanted.

So, of course, that is when the Batfamily arrives wanting their lost bird back. Can they prove to Tim that he is wanted by them? That he is pack? And will the Avengers even let them talk to Tim? Who Killed Shinichi Kudo? You Are IT!Danny was awfully glad the heart monitor had been shoved into the wall during his impromptu wake up call for his roommates, otherwise it would embarrassingly show that his heart had currently stopped. Apparently, neither was Harley, as she rubbed her knuckles roughly against his sternum, drawing an annoyed cry from him.

She shrugged innocently. Just checkin' in that you didn't… check out. Danny stared at the man blatantly. Jason's groan rang out from the back corner of the room. Danny knew this was one of her anger-coping strategies, and was proud of her for holding back as much as she was.

Clearly, there was no sense of control in there. It puts a level of protection on your back," Superman suggested. Danny was already shaking his head.

You realize most of the people I'm trying to find absolutely hate your hero group, right? Meeting with the heroically… disinclined was important to these kids. He understood that they were responsible for some truly terrible things in some instances, but the few moments they spent with sick kids was all Danny cared about. They'd all be out to get me, and honestly? I don't want you guys controlling me either. I'm good on my own.

Danny fell silent, breathing heavily. He hadn't been speaking loudly, but his mini-speech had managed to exhaust him. All the excitement had distracted him from his injuries, but now that the slight burst of adrenaline had worn off, he was aware of every ache in his body. Evidently, his pain wasn't hidden well in his expression.

Harley hadn't moved from her chair next to Danny. Yah can't kick the doctor out of the patient's room! His correction didn't seem to bother her, because she merely shrugged and patted Danny on the head before skipping out of the room.

Danny tried not to laugh when she popped her head back in just to stick her tongue out at Batman. The door slid shut behind her, and the click it made sounded as loud as a gong to Danny in the quiet room. You're a scout and liaison, you're forgetting all of the vetting and compiling of actual cases that comes before you, not to mention fundraising and advertising. This is not a one person job. Danny lay his head back on his pillow. It was easier to stare at the ceiling when faced with the problems of his fleeting plan.

Your next 'boss' is going to be heavily pre-screened… though I think we both know you've been running solo for the most part anyways. Here's your chance. Don't mess this up. Danny tried nodding his head, but it didn't matter. Batman was already walking out of the room by the time his eyes shut. At first, Danny had been ecstatic to be released from the Watchtower.

He was okay with heights, but he was firmly of the belief that space was not for him. Then once he got home, he realized that besides being back on Earth, there wasn't much difference between the two situations.I was not having a good day.

I had woken up with a slight stomach ache and shrugged it off as being hungry or maybe some kind of delayed effect from eating Joe's cooking but as the day progressed I began to feel worse and worse. I was sitting in Calculus when my churning stomach got the better of me.

I raise my hand and wait for the nun teaching us about applying derivatives to acknowledge me. She nodded, "I'll write you a pass.

Sickness Strikes Again! / 3 out of 4 Kids are Sick at Home / Real Life with Kids

Sister Mary Clark plucked it from my mouth and shook her head. Reagan, you are running a low grade fever, so that means that until you have been fever free for 24 hours you may not be at school. I'm going to call your parents-". I felt my throat tighten and bile begin to rise in my throat, I jump up and hurry in to the little bathroom connected to the clinic, where I gag and retch till there's nothing left to purge from my stomach.

I nod and she settles me on a cot with a trash can next to the bed. I was asleep for what felt like seconds when I heard Danny's gruff voice. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block it out. When a rough hand came down and rested on my forehead and I cracked an eye open. Danny scoffed, "I come all this way to pick your sorry butt up from school, and this is the thanks I get.

Speaking of which I gotta get back to work so let's get a move on. He slings my backpack over his shoulder and wraps his arm around my shoulders.

sick kid fanfiction

Danny and I began the trek back to our parents' house; we were about half way there when the unrest began. My stomach began churning again, I exhale shift in my seat. Danny looks over at me warily, "You doing okay kid? All of the sudden a stabbing pain cut through my stomach, it was sharp and I gasped and moaned in pain.

sick kid fanfiction

I clamber out of the car and puke in to a gutter. Danny puts a hand on my neck that feels like a lead weight, "You okay kid? I nod, "What was that all about? We made it back home without any more incidents and I got settled on the couch, Danny brought a bucket and set it down next on the floor below me. I roll my eyes "I can take care of myself, go back to work" I mumble pulling a blanket off the back of the couch and curling in on myself, I was freezing.

I snake an arm out and snag the remote, flipping on the TV. Danny stood there for a few minutes before sighing. Danny shrugged, "You gotta drink something so you don't get dehydrated I can go pick something up for you. I nibble on a cracker and then throw back a couple pills. Danny chuckles and gently musses my hair, "get some sleep kid Joe will be home in a couple of hours," I nod and close my eyes, I was so tired.

When I woke up two hours later, it was to a sick cramping stomach.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: ksv12 - Stories: 42 - Followers: - Staff: 2 - id: Inhumane Side Lunarxxx. In which Kid and Maka end up falling for each other, whether they want to or not When the supposed final battle between the two Gods ended with the Kishin as the victor, two survivors find a sickly child and name him Kid. Fifteen years later, he and his childhood friend Maka accidentally get involved with a mysterious organisation, an ancient book and a forgotten past.

The group finds a new club in Downtown Death City and decides to try it out. When Soul is "too cool" to go, who will protect her from the dangers of clubbing? What could you possibly want with a mortal? It was a curse that revived the dead legend.

A legend which continued upon both god and mortal whom now stood in the night, wondering what was to make of them. During his stay Kid realizes that his father has a secret that resides there in the hospital. Kid is determined to solve the mystery with his friends' help.

Into the Darkness by acrosseverystar reviews "You do not know of what you ask," he whispered into her neck, his hand trailing down her spine. It wouldn't be fair to you. Please don't ask me again, Maka, I won't take away your freedom. Black and White Roses by zoeyangel reviews Two souls in a world where nothing is perfect, finding a piece of perfection in each other.

Will they hold strong, or will life tear their love apart? The story of a girl who chose black roses, and her struggle to protect everything. Main pairing is KiMa. SouLiz, TsuStar and Crotty. A bit of Soma at first. That is until one day in fifth grade where Kid says something that will change her thoughts about him. In 12th grade Maka has changed and caught the eyes of almost every guy in school.

Will Kid fall for the girl who always has her nose stuck in a book or will he continue to ignore her? School AU! A Detail Unnoticed by HiCrazyCow reviews What happens when Kid notices a detail that he'd never noticed about Maka before, an asymmetrical detail to be precise.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Peter catches a nasty stomach bug that goes around at MIT and Tony is there for every step of the way. Peter took a few stumbled steps backwards and flinched as the wind swirled dust around his feet.

The time for discussion was long over. Peter Benjamin-Edward Stark has been through a lot in his life. Luckily he has a really good family to help him through all his problems. Peter was closer than ever with his parentssort ofand his Aunt was okay and things finally seemed to be going back to normal.

He's supposed to be the normal nerd kid Parker but he's not. His Mother is a spy and he lives with a secret identity. His real name is Peter Aldrik Romanoff and he is Natasha's miracle baby. She had thought she'll never have children but one faithful night with a man who is known by everybody.

She played along. Wanted to rebel. Wanting to just forget everything.

sick kid fanfiction

Peter's mother, Black Widow herself woke up in none other than Tony Stark's bedroom. She left before the man could even wake up. Leaving one note with a red kissmark. Peter Parker is supposed to be your normal kid that happens to be a son of a spy and a secret child whom Tony Stark never known off until.

That Time I Refused to Pick My Sick Kid Up From School

But even after years, Steve still loves like a child. And now, he only loves a child. Being a single parent is tiring. Now being a single parent for a leukemia patient is just tiring and heartbreaking. But being a single parent for a child whose father finally decided to grace them with his presence after years, that's just a recipe for a disaster The one where Peter gets exposed to a virus during a pandemic, so of course Deadpool wants to quarantine with him.

Tony Stark didn't die in the final battle with Thanos.


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